What training products does webinarworlds offer?
  • 1. Live Webinar

    Live webinar is an interactive tutorial held live over the Internet at a pre-arranged time. The webinar is customizable to suit the trainee’s time. Generally they are 60 minutes to 90 minutes. There will be an excellent tutor or speaker made available to give a tutorial to the registered participants. Since some skills need the use of a white board, you will mostly hear a voice explaining the whiteboard details, which will be shown, on your screen the whole time. After the lesson, participants can ask questions live either through audio or chat. The speaker in charge of the session will respond in real time.

  • 2. Live Audio-conference

    This product is almost like the live webinars with the exception of that there is no video or screen sharing. It is just a live audio session that can be accessed via any device that can connect to the Internet. The duration is also 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The participant has the opportunity to ask live questions after the session and get real time answers from the speaker.

  • 3. E-Transcript

    We make available a text transcript PDF version of the live webinars. These can be used as reference notes later or as an alternative to the webinars and audio conferences and workshops for some people who prefer reading. The transcripts come with the presentation files used by the speaker during the concerned session.

  • 4. On Demand

    The live webinars/audio conferences/ workshops are recorded and made available for purchase at a later date. Thats On-Demand Conference. This product can be very useful to people who missed the live sessions and want to catch up or just as a reference resource. The recorded sessions can be accessed online anytime from any location. Participants are allowed to watch the on-demand material for unlimited number of times within 24hrs on a date they choose. The material can only be watched on the selected date only. To watch it again on another day it has to be re-purchased.

  • 5. DVD

    A DVD of Webinar/Audio Conference/ Workshop recording is made available for participants to purchase and use at their convenience. The DVD includes the video, audio and presentation material used by the speaker. The advantage of the DVD is that there is no need of Internet connection and the participant can use them anytime and anywhere.

  • 6. Digital Download

    This product is just like the DVD except that it is made as a digital format of the recording. The recording is available for download after purchase.

How to register for above products?
  • You can register the following ways as per your convenience:

  • Online Registration: You have an option of registering online via our website.

  • Via PHONE: If you want you can call our customer service on +1-800-781-0952 and speak to a friendly agent who will do the registration for you manually.

  • Fax/E-Mail: Complete our application form and fax it to +1-800-781-0952. Also you can E-mail your registration request to cs@webinarworlds.com

Can I ask a question during or after live Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • Yes, you are allowed to ask questions during or after the session of the opted product, we highly recommend it. You can also send in your questions via email and the speaker will respond.

What is needed to attend a live Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • All that is needed is a working Internet connection and a mobile phone, computer or laptop, Ipad and any other mobile device that can access the Internet. You will be given specific information for each webinar/audio conference/workshop and you follow the tutorial in real time.

What if I cannot attend the live Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • You can order the recorded versions available in form of DVD, Transcripts, On Demand and Digital Download.

When and how will I receive information on how to participate in live Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • The following details will be sent to your email 48 hours before the Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop.

  • Dial-In instructions to access the choosen product, which should be accessed via phone.

    A link which has to be accessed using a device that is compatible with video/audio viewing.

  • Download Link & Password for the webinar/audio conference/workshop handouts & related materials from the Webinar page at www.webinarworlds.com.

    It helps to check your spam and junk folder 48hrs before the webinar or audio conference or workshop as the information email may be treated as such.

How late can I register for a Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • We accept registration up to 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop. You can call our customer service representative to get the Dial-In instructions.

How long will it take to receive my DVD?
  • You will most likely get your DVD 2 to 3 weeks after the live program. If you need a fast delivery you can get in touch with our customer service representatives, the expedited delivery carries additional charges of $30. There are also additional shipping charges if you wish to receive the DVD outside of the US.

How long will it take to receive my e-Transcript?
  • E-Transcript is emailed to you 1 to 2 weeks after the live program.

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